Baby development

The first year of baby’s development is a very important phase for the later intelligence and the abilities of the child. In this course, parents will learn to support the play, the movements and the sensory development of their babies. The group leader will talk about feelings, intentions and experiences of the participants during the course and informs parents about their child’s early childhood development.

Watch this Video on Experiences Build Brain Architecture 

Typically, the babies in this course meetings are completely naked to feel free and unhindered to move, being spoilt with a special baby-massage or just get the most possible sensory input to improve their brain development. The group leader provides simple play materials that can encourage the child and gives parents examples of how to use everyday objects to play with the baby at home. The group meets weekly during the first year and includes professional advice concerning the development of the child and guidance for all kind of questions and queries for the parents. 

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