Special Need Children

This group is created for parents of disabled children (burn-out, guilt, lack of support, broken marriage). This meeting supports parents of special need children aged 0 – 6 years, which require a good and experienced guidance, to get the best possible support for their little ones and they have to have answers to all their questions. In addition to the grief of not having the child, they have hoped for, the parents are confronted with various requirements. 

Watch this Video on Children with Disabilities  

Fear of the future and to seek for help and support burden the marriage and the family life, especially when siblings are affected. The brother/s or sister/s need/s their own space to get along with the disabled child and need to find their own way to create a loving relationship, that helps both sides to learn and benefit from each other. Special need children always have special families. To function well and to have a chat to other parents in the same situation eases the burden and forms new friendships. Small groups for siblings of children with disabilities are planned. 

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