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The need for therapy in poorer communities is rising everyday, while the aid for proper mental and physical health care is none existent. 

Future and Hope Counselling co-operates with orphanages and pre-primary schools. We need you to partner with us, in providing superior care and developement for children less priviledged. 

Sponsor a child and be more than a donar of financial aid. We appreciate your donation and respect your values by helping you exclusively share in the growth of a child, by sending you detailed reports of his or her improvement. We also mediate letters of encouragement to the child and his or her family or caregivers, should you choose to do so.       

Future and Hope Counselling is committed to helping the many children who cannot afford the necessary treatment that will enable them with an experience of healthy growth. Specific programs with the help of your donation make it possible for these children to have hope-filled future.

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