Additional training for people who work with children and / or have children of their own. After completion of this training, you will be able to assess a child’s behaviour better and to react and intervene in an adequate manner. You improve your self-awareness, your skills of observation, your point of view and you learn how to support the development of a child in the early years. 

After completing the entire course you will get a certificate of participation and are a trained.

Supporter in Early Childhood Development

Everyday life with children is sometimes exhausting and we do not always understand what a child wants to tell us with the shown behaviour. It is up to us to understand the child. A child is not an adult. To get a deeper insight of a child’s developmental, psychological and physiological processes, this course will help you to find new ways to support the child for a decisive advantage for a future life.

The training includes an agenda of 10 development-related issues. At the moment we are running a course on Saturday mornings once a month and are thinking to offer an evening course. 

Each participant will receive a written documentation on the individual topics. The number of participants is limited to 25 people.

In addition to the lectures we will work interactively. Please feel free to bring participating case studies to illustrate the issues. If further conversation or counselling needs exist, separate appointments with the instructor can be arranged.



Module One

Welcome and Introductory actions

Please bring a blanket, a pillow, warm socks and have fun



Module Two

Early Childhood Development



Module Three

Sensory Integration

An introduction with self-awareness


Module Four

Children’s souls are vulnerable

An introduction to Attachment Theory


Module Five

Triple P

Positive Parenting Program


Module Six

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Introduction to Autism


Module Seven

Holistic Learning

Use all senses 


Module Eight

Social Skills

Introduction to Social Skills Training


Module Nine

Behavioral Disorders in Childhood

Dealing with children with behavior problems.


Module Ten

Discussions Between Teacher and Parents

Communication tools and the bigger picture.


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