Groups for Siblings of Children

The siblings of a disabled child are the children in the family that helps the parents to carry the situation. They stand in second row always helpful and understanding that there is no more capacity of their parents to be on their side.

Those children often are very grown up for their age and experienced in coping and dealing with things and situations by themselves. They do not want to overload their parents with their own emotions and daily living difficulties. Others might develop a strategy trying to get attention by showing a bad behaviour and / or learning difficulties. The parents might feel guilty because they know that they should spend more quality time with them, but at the end of the day there is no time and the own high risk of developing psychiatric or health problems (chronic infections, depression, burn-out, etc. ) is high.

Watch this Video on A Brother’s Devotion to His Special Needs Sister (Will Break You Down Into Tears) 

This group gains to support these children in a way that they have access to others in the same position and guidance in their situation. Role-games, art-work, body-awareness-exercises and lots of fun shall ease and strengthen them. 

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