Communication with non-speaking children

“GuK” is a concept for the communication with children who can not or do not speak by the use of supporting gestures. Speaking is therefore not replaced, but supported by gestures. The system does not replace all of the words, but uses only those who are important to understand a message. The user visualizes the keyword and helps the children to communicate better, because it is easier to gesture, than to speak. When you start with GuK? Usually a good time to start with this system is the phase of triangulation. The developmental age is about 8 – 9 month, all small children are interested in waving “good-bye”. (Children with DS are usually 14 to 20 months old).

For which children GuK is suitable? For smaller children who do not yet speak, but can already understand. Through the use of sign language they can communicate better.

Basically developed was “GuK” for children who can hear well, but have major problems with the active language. Children with Down Syndrome e.g. are severely slow concerning the language development. You can use “GuK” as well with children without disabilities. Many gestures can easily be installed e.g. in preschool during the usual singing and speaking games and the children can learn playfully how to talk with their hands.

In this course you will learn the basics of “GuK” and the usage of the communication-cards.

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